Monday, 21 October 2013

Prada Handbags are Cheaper in Australia Compared to Singapore

An article by GenX published 
at Melbourne Victoria Australia
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I am sure many of you ladies are well aware that you can get luxury branded handbags cheaper in Europe. No one has ever told me that handbags are cheaper in Australia compared to Singapore or Malaysia. In August my wife told me she wanted a Prada Saffiano Leather Double Zip Tote with Strap while I was in Melbourne, so we walked into a Prada Store located at Collins Street and to my surprise I found that the bag she wanted was not that costly. So early last month while I was back in Malaysia I went to the Prada Store in KLCC and noted that the price of the bag my wife wanted cost more than RM2K extra here.
Then I was down in Singapore, and was surprised that the Prada Saffiano Leather Double Zip Shopping Handbag with Strap was priced about the same as in Malaysia. However in Singapore, like in Australia, if you were to take purchase the handbag and then take it out of the country, you will be reimbursed the GST at the airport. However, even considering the fact that you can be reimbursed for the GST at Changi Airport, the Prada handbag in Singapore still cost more than in Australia with GST!!!

I did published an article on my wife's new Prada Cameo Saffiano Leather Twin Zip Shopping Tote with Strap and my daughter's Prada Royal Blue Saffiano Leather Wallet that comes with Metal Strap at my Money For Luxury Blog. Click link below to read it and see photos of the Prada bags:

In the above said article I listed the price of both the Prada Saffiano Leather Twin Zip Shopping Tote in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. As for Louis Vuitton handbags, in the article you will note that the LV Favorite PM cost about the same in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

In the article I mentioned that I initially bought the Louis Vuitton Favorite PM for my eldest daughter as a birthday gift, and then after that walked into the Prada Store where I saw the Prada Wallet with Strap which looks nicer. So I went and return the LV Favorite, hahaha.

There are 3 Prada stores in Melbourne and they are located at Collins Street in Mebourne CBD, Crown Casino and Chadstone Shopping Mall. And if you are a tourist or leaving Australia in a month's time, make sure you get the Tax Invoice when you purchase stuff costing more than AUD300 in a single receipt so that you can claim back the GST at Melbourne Airport after Immigration. For example, if you are at Myers, you can go to the Customer Service counter and request that all your shopping at Myers on the same day be combined into a single receipt.

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