Monday, 18 June 2012

KPop in Melbourne and Sydney Australia - Where To Get Them

While walking around Melbourne CBD, I came across a shop selling Korean KPop DVDs and other related stuff. And was I pleasantly surprised that the shop had my eldest daughter favorite Korean Boy Band 2PM albums on sale.

I immediately took photos of the albums with the cheap Android Huawei X3 smart phone I got at Vodafone and emailed them my daughter who was attending class back in Malaysia. I am sure she  will be happy to note that she can get 2PM albums when she attends University in Melbourne next year.

The shop is located at Bourke Street opposite Target nearer to Russell Street.

The above photos were taken using the cheap Android Huawei X3. Pretty good I must say.

Here is the photo of the shop front:

And when my daughter came to join me in Melbourne I took her there.Well, she has all the 2PM albums available at the shop. But she did buy a Korean Drama Series where several of the 2PM band members acted  in it for AUD25. According to her, she would need to pay about MYR100 for it in Malaysia.

I am sure there are other shops selling KPop stuff in Melbourne, Please share :)

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