Monday, 18 June 2012

Melbourne Aquarium - An Experience Not To Be Missed

In my article titled Melbourne Central Business District - Getting Around, I mentioned the locations of Melbourne Tourist Centres where you can obtain free maps and also seek directions to your destination. And there is one attraction that every visitor to Melbourne should visit, i.e. Melbourne Aquarium, located in Melbourne CBD itself at the junction of Flinders Street and King Street.

Below is a photo of the Melbourne Aquarium taken from SouthBank.

And from inside the Melbourne Aquarium you do get a good view of Southgate and Southbank.

The entrance fee to Melbourne Aquarium is AUD34.90 and AUD21.50 for adult and child respectively. But they do have a family package and additional child gets a further discount. The entrance fee is worth every penny because you get to experience viewing penguins live in action without needing to head to Philip Island.

The moment you pay for your ticket, you get to view two different species of Penguins. The first is the King Penguin. The King Penguins don't move much but just stand still BUT if you observe carefully, they can really stretch their necks to groom their fur.

And the second penguin species is the Gentoo Penguin which are smaller and cuter than the King Penguin and much more active.

I won't post my other photos of the penguins I took so that you can experience the joy of watching the penguins in person. And if you do not go to the Melbourne Aquarium, below is what you will miss out.

Below are more photos taken at Melbourne Aquarium:


Dragon Fish

Translucent Fish - It's Invisible

And here is a video capturing  UFOs inside the Melbourne Aquarium:

I hope the above photos are enough to convince you to visit the Melbourne Aquarium. I have many more photos but I do not want to spoil the fun of you discovering the amazing Melbourne Aquarium for yourself.

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