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Melbourne Food Is Freaking Good Part II

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at Melbourne Victoria Australia
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Back in June 2012, I published my article Melbourne Coffee and Food is Freaking Good. This article will be a continuation where I will post more photos of food that we can get in Melbourne - The World's Most Livable City.

Sushi Burger- Exhibition Street between Bourke St and Little Bourke Street

I highly recommend this place where you must try their Sushi Soft Shell Crab Burger which is really good. However, in order to dine in, you need to purchase minimum AUD12 per person; so, you need to order at least 2 sushi burgers or just take away if you can only eat one. 

My wife and I ordered the AUD18 set where we get one sushi burger of our choice (both of us ordered the soft shell crab sushi burger) and a bowl of noodle whereas my youngest daughter ordered the soft shell crab and prawn avocado sushi burgers.

Here are photos of the Soft Shell Crab and Prawn Avocado Sushi Burgers: 

And here are photos of my tempura ramen and my wife's mentaiko udon which has a creamy/cheesy soup with fish roe.

And here is a photo of cooked soft shell crabs ready to be made into sushi burgers. Back in May when I visited Sushi Burger, the soft shell crab was sold out. This time I made it a point to arrive at the restaurant just after they open at 12pm to make sure I get to eat the delicious and yummy soft shell crab sushi burger.

Brother Baba Budan - Little Bourke between Elizabeth Street and Queens Street

In my previous article I have posted photos of Brother Baba Budan outlet to show you the exterior of the shop so that you won't miss it as they don't have a sign board. This time round, I did stop by and have my breakfast at Brother Baba Budan where they have pastries to go with the coffee or hot chocolate. Below is a photo of my Almond Croissant with a cup of Cappuccino.

Taxi Pub and Cafe - Federation Square

The last time I was at Taxi, we went to the restaurant on the upper level for some fine dining. This time around, we had fish and chips at the ground floor cafe and pub. My wife and my daughter shared a plate of fish and chips and ordered a risotto and soup of the day (tomato). Well, I will say that the fries was more than enough for me and I could not finish them.

The Grand Tofu - Malaysian Cooking at  Newmarket, Melbourne

We did drop by The Grand Tofu while at Newmarket for dinner. And I must tell you, surprisingly it was superb. The cook and waiters are from Ipoh, well actually Sungai Siput, Perak and they were really friendly. I had to order a two pound mud crab since there were five of us and it cost about AUD40 per pound. We had the chilli mud crab for starters and they served it with roti canai which was actually a very good combination. We asked the waiter to give our compliments to the chef.

After finishing the chilli crab, I ordered pork belly in claypot, curry fish head and oyster omelet to go with rice. The curry fish was also really good. Once again we asked the waiter to give our compliments to the chef and when we were about the leave, the chef even came out to see us off. 

The food looked so delicious that I could not wait to eat it once it arrived at the table, and as such, I forgot completely to even take a single photo of the food we ordered. So, I will instead post photos of the menu which I took while waiting for the food to arrive, haha...

The Grand Tofu has branches at Glen Waverly and Flemington but I have yet to visit those outlets and can't be sure if the chef is as good as the one at Newmarket. 

San Churro - QV Swanston Street

Well, I guess most of us would pass by San Churro at QV while we are at Melbourne and try out their churros. Actually, this is the second time I am having the churros and somehow, it tasted better this time around.

I ordered a cappuccino while my daughter ordered the hot and cold chocolate with marshmallows.

IKEA - Richmond

We did go to IKEA for lunch and ordered the grilled chicken, salmon and nuggets and it was"cheap". The reason why I said it's "cheap" is because the total bill came out to be less than AUD30 with drinks and that is about close to what I paid for 3 Bacon Egg Muffin Meals at McDonalds for Breakfast. Too bad I did not take any photos of the Bacon Egg Muffin and Chicken Deluxe with Bacon from McD.

Take tram 109 (Box Hill) from Collins Street and it will take you directly to IKEA (stop No.24).

Vietnamese Food - Richmond

If you are into Vietnamese Food, there are many restaurants in Richmond serving them. Actually, if you take the tram 109, it will take you pass the shops shown below.

Australia Red Wine - Wolf Blass

Want to know the prices of Wolf Blass Grey and Black Label? Click here to my other blog called Money For Luxury. Basically, Wolf Blass wine prices are in the following order from the cheapest to the most expensive- Red, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Grey, Black and Platinum.

An Article by GenX

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